Ad Hoc

Meet the Mt Olymprov 2020 performers: Ad Hoc Improv

They are Yichao, Lampe and Kevin Miller, three incredibly experienced improv teachers, directors and performers who have met and performed together at improv festivals from Alaska to Boston and numerous spaces in between. Living in different cities they are unable to perform together often, but when they do it is incredible.

Stanislavsky met Viola Spolin in a dark alley behind the bar and started an improvised knife fight, only to be interrupted by Chekhov wielding a gun – you’d get something close to the first part of the first act of “Ad Hoc”. If you are the audience member who has no idea who any of those people are, but have walked in on this strange anachronistic fight scene, don’t worry – that’s the final act of “Ad Hoc.”

You can see them on Wednesday night.

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