Nick Byrne

To know us better : Nick Byrne

The festival is about to start, yayyyy!!!
But we have some more instructors to meet. Ladies and gentlemen, Nick Byrne!


1) What makes you jealous of other improvisers?

I always believe an improviser is their best, when they are their authentic self. Sometimes, I just want to be authentically one of my heroines or heroes. I’m jealous when I see improvisers who know how to travel the world with just a small backpack. I aspire to packing my suitcase with more flair.

2) If you were to improvise a monologue on stage, what would you talk about?
Love. Always love. Otherwise, how else would I get a date?
3) Which is/was your biggest common monster?
My biggest common monster is the Snoring Monster in Festival accommodation. Not only will this monster keep me awake, but it means they are sooooo bored with me. It’s humiliating. I got over this, when I realised this monster was me.
4) Which animal (cute or not) would be your best duo on stage?
The giraffe, because it is tall enough to look me in the eye. Maybe, the Saint Bernard dog, is a better choice, because I need a duo partner who can save me when I’m lost in the wilderness.
5) How does the music inside your head sounds like?
It sounds like your heart beating next to mine, when i wake up before you, and it’s all I can hear. It’s at that time, each day, even if I don’t always tell you, directly, when I thank the gods that you are mine.
6) If I was talking to your best friend what is one thing they would say you need to work on?
Falling in love too often. It seems to happen several times a day, now. But you see, I like it so much, and my best friend is alone, so I’m not sure any of us should listen to him.
7) What does the word “Ragamuffin” mean? (do not google it)

 It’s an English breakfast bread that fell on the floor on the way from kitchen to table, and is casually frisbee’d back onto the plate, disturbing the bacon, and whatever hipster smashed vegetable you prefer.

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