Gael Perry

To know us better: Gael Perry

6 days to go? I really can’t believe it!
Meet Gael Perry! 😀

1) Which is your favorite colour? How would you describe it to someone who is blind?
My favorite color is orange: it’s the warmth of the summer sun, the energy of a nuclear plant and the softness of a sweet cuddle.

2) Who was your most special improv teacher?
It’s really hard to answer, I don’t have “one” special improv teacher, especially because what I like in improv is to try everything, pick thoughts from a lot of different people to build something unique, make the sum of it mine. I could mention some people, for different reasons. Michaël Galmiche was one of my first teachers and is today a fellow player of mine in la Carpe Haute, and I have a special thought for him because he “opened” me. Anders Fors is always in my head when I teach because of his exercise “the circle of confidence” which is not about improv but about people. Vid Sodnik is one of my first international teachers and he gave me the opportunity to see improv from a different point of view. But I realize that I could mention dozens of teachers with whom I had a specific moment in a workshop, which is mostly the reason why I remember a teacher. Not because of the whole thing, but more because of these special moments of connexion.

3) What is the first word/sound/movement that pops to your mind on stage when you feel totally blank? Have you got any Pavlovian responses in improv?
Well, some people would say I’m mime-fishing a lot in improv, so I guess it’s kind of something special about me now. I’m planning to create an intensive workshop about fishing.

4) Which animal would make the best improviser?
The otter. Just because I like it.

5) Imagine that you would have to design three games for the Improv Olympic Games. Which would they be?
Obviously, mime-fishing. Then inappropriate sound-effecting. And finally slow-motion fighting.

6) What’s the 999th way to improvise?
Under water so that you can play in three dimensions. It requires a lot of listening. And good lungs.

7) Which improv thing is not your “cup of tea”?
Improv matches. In France, we all start improv with improv match (two teams of improvisers with a coach kind of fighting each other in improv ruled by a referee who gives title, constraint on the number of players, the type of scene, etc., and where the audience vote at the end of every scene for one team or the other). And for a lot of improviser in the French-speaking countries (France, Romande Swiss, Wallon Belgium and Quebec) improv IS the match. And they only study or practice that.
So improv match is a nice competitive format, impressive for the audience, and a good way to make improvisers travel: because you need another team to play with. But it’s also somewhere between competition (because it’s a match) and collaboration (because it’s improv). So most of the time, the result is something which is not good competition, nor good improv. So even if I still play improv matches sometimes, it’s not my cup of tea!

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