Gary Schwartz

A wonderful, well organized festival! As a guest teacher, I was treated so well, so hospitably and with great respect. I great mix of styles and offerings and the people […]

Joe Bill

Seriously one of the Top 2 Annual Improv Festivals in the WORLD!! Amazing hosts, assortment of performers and teachers, and organized with the heartbeat of improvisation fueling every element of […]

Patti Stiles

It is a fantastic festival full of fun and heart!

Gael Perry

I felt hosted. I mean really hosted. Every member of the organization team was positive, smily, here for us, never complaining… I think you first organized a festival to host […]

Victoria Bang

On Mt Olymprov you are surrounded by caring people who love improv. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional – at Mt Olymprov we are one. Together. […]