Our instructors: Simone Tani

Our Instructors: Simone Tani



Actor graduated at Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris, Simone has been improvising for more than 12 years and is one of the founders of i Bugiardini (www.bugiardini.it).

He has performed and taught workshops at Finland Improv Festival, New Zealand Impro Festival, Melbourne Impro Festival, Ireland Improv Festival, WIP, Salento Impro Festival, National Taiwan University, Malay University in Malaysia, and also in France, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Soon he will be teaching and performing at Amsterdam Improv Festival. Simone is also the founder of the bouffon and clowning company Teatro Pomodoro based in Liverpool.

He studied improvisation at the school Verba Volant in Rome, with Keith Johnstone, Shawn Kinley and Dennis Cahill at Loose Moose theater in Calgary, clown and physical comedy at Second City Theater in Chicago and in London with Mark Bell and Peta Lily (Dark clown), Trance and Full Masks with Steve Jarand (Calgary), commedia dell’arte with Carlo Boso and Onda D’Urto Teatro in Rome, mask making and wood carving in with Anom Ida Bagus in Bali.

Simone's workshops