Post-Festival Island Trip

Join us after the festival’s closing party on an island escape.

In the morning of Monday the 7th of June we are boarding a boat and going to the beautiful nearby island of Aegina. We stay there for 3 nights at a wonderful hotel, and we return on Thursday the 10th, reaching the port of Piraeus at around 7pm (it is usually advisable to book a hotel room in Athens for that night in order to catch a flight back home the next morning, but if flight schedules suit you to leave that same night, go right ahead)

Island Escape Mt Olymprov 2020 Aegina

The island we choose combines some of the best elements of Greece and holidays on its islands. The island of Aegina is a wonderful destination and is the closest island to Athens. Eventhough the island small, it boasts a great number of sights and natural beauties, highlight of which is the famous Aphea Temple. It forms in fact an equilateral triangle with the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, the so-called “holy triangle” of the antiquity.

Aegina town, the capital of the island, stands out for its well-preserved buildings. On the outskirts you can find charming little villages with distinctive traditional character, such as Kypseli, Agii and Vagia as well as organized tourist resorts like Agia Marina, Perdika, and Souvala. Aègina is also surrounded by many smaller islands (Moni, Metopi, Diaportia, Lagouses, Kyra, Dorousa, Spalathonisi, Anonyma) that can be reached by boat from the port of Aegina.

Every year we choose a different island to go to, so, no matter how many times you join us, you always have a new experience!

We have secured a wonderful location to stay and have arranged all necessary transportation to get there from Athens and back.

Book it here (Later in the year)!

Treat yourself to an All-Improv All-Greek holiday this summer!