Performers Application Form

Mt Olymprov festival is coming back for its third edition! With this year’s instructors selected and announced, it’s time to find our performers and we want you on our stage!

2016 marked the birth of Greece’s very own international improv theater festival and it was a huge success.
2017 followed with an ever bigger, better festival that left everyone talking about it around the globe.

It’s time for Mt Olymprov 2018 to rock your world!

This could be the year you will jump on the stage of an Athenian theater alongside your teammates and do what you do best! We invite you to submit your application for a show you would like to offer to perform at this year’s festival. It can be absolutely anything, as long as it is improvised. Games, narratives, montages, harolds, monoscenes, solos, mayhemprov, musicals, peeing-in-a-bucket, whatever you feel you do best. If accepted, you will be offered a slot of either 25, 30 or 45 minutes.

A few important things:

  1. We need to know the names of the members of your team at the time of your application. We understand if there is a change somewhere down the line, but we need to be informed well in advance.
  2. Priority will be given to teams that intend to stay for the entire duration of the festival. We believe in meeting each other and building a community, not just arriving, doing a show and then disappearing.
  3. Language is not of paramount importance, but this is an international festival with English being the primary language. Wordy shows in a foreign languages have less chances of being accepted.
  4. We think highly of professionalism in every application. Even if we know you well and been drinking beers with you just this past week, we still want to see a complete, well-organized application by a team that takes its craft seriously.

All members of every team that is selected to perform at Mt Olymprov receive the following:

  • A 25/30/45 minute performance slot (Your assigned slot will be selected by the organizers.).
  • A professionally made video recording of your performance.
  • The chance to perform on the stage of a large theater in Athens, Greece!
  • Heavily discounted festival registration fee (you will only pay for your hotel room).
  • Free entry to all shows.
  • Free entry to all festival events.
  • Discount to all workshops.
  • A Mt Olymprov festival bag filled with goodies.
  • A T-shirt to show off back home.
  • The chance to eat some of the best food in the world!

Does your team has a stellar improv show to present in front of 300+ people from all around the world?

Here’s your opportunity!

Submit your application and be part of Greece’s third International Improv Festival, 5-9 of June 2018 (& island escape 11th-14th).

You won’t just be part of history. You’ll be part of Greek History!

That’s no feat to be taken lightly!

(Applications deadline is Thursday, February 8th, at noon EET.)