Mt Olymprov new workshop slots

New workshop slots open on Monday

You guys have been a bunch of eager little improvisers, haven’t you? Pretty much all our workshops are already sold out and we’re not even in the second week of May yet! But wait. New workshops slots you say?

For that reason, we decided to open up just a select few more slots on several workshops.

These slots will open on Monday May 9th at noon EET.

We expect them to disappear real fast, so make sure you grab the one you wanted.

Marc Majcher‘s – Fear is the mind killer & Going Deep

Our instructors: Marc Majcher

Patti Stiles‘s – Active Vs. Passive , Gender/Genre & Scenes that matter

Mt Olymprov instructors: Patti Stiles

Kevin Gillese‘s – The TAO of Improv & Longform Narrative Structure.

Mt Olymprov instructors: Kevin Gillese

Aden & Eric Nepom‘s  – All workshops

Mt Olymprov instructors: Aden & Eric Nepom

Each one of these workshops will receive only 2 new spaces. Be ready for when they open up and snatch ’em!

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