Mt Olymprov 2017 epilogue

Mt Olymprov festival 2017 is over!

We still can’t believe it is over. Mt Olymprov festival 2017 is officially over!

Mt Olymprov 2017 epilogue

It only seems like yesterday when we started working on it 10 months ago.
It only seems like yesterday when we realized we only had a month left.
It only seems like yesterday when improvisers started pouring in at ImproVIBE for check-in.

The first festival set the bar high last year and we had it as a personal challenge to up our game for this second installment of Mt Olymprov festival. The demands were raised even more when we saw that the number of registered improvisers from all around the world was twice as high as last year.

And it worked. It really worked! You have no idea how much it means to us to see you happy, inspired and connected during the entire festival. Your energy, your excited participation, your support, your kind words towards all the organizers… It keeps us going and helps us push our limits even further to provide you with a festival like no other.

We cannot thank you enough for having been part of Mt Olymprov 2017, Greece’s 2nd International Improv Theater Festival! You put your trust in us, you came all the way to Greece from your far-away part of the world and shared your joy, your talent, your inspiration and your true selves with another 150 like-minded individuals that you may or may not have known before, but can call friends now. You are the reason we do everything we do. And we will keep on doing it, year after year!

Have a great time, wherever you are, whatever you do, wherever you go, whatever happens.

See you next year!

With endless love and appreciation,
Anna, Billy, Christos, Kostantina, Lila, Marina, Menelaos, Niki, Panagiotis, Pandelis, Souzana.

The Team of Mt Olymprov 2017

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