Mt Olymprov 2020: Canceled due to Corona Virus

Hello everyone.

All this time, we have been monitoring the global situation of this outbreak closely. All this started being important in Europe about one month ago and, with our festival being in early June, we felt we have time for this situation to blow over and go forward with Mt Olymprov. However, things now are looking pretty grim.

Greece is currently on complete lockdown. On April 27th it will be reexamined whether the prohibition of leaving our homes will be lifted. All businesses are currently closed indefinitely. Public transportation restrictions will be reevaluated on May 31st. Today the government announced that if all goes well, in mid-May there will be a gradual, long-drawn reinstatement of businesses, theaters, education centers and so forth. And of course, we understand that changes will progress similarly all around the world.

So, this is where we come in. Our festival being scheduled for the first week of June, it is now looking impossible for life to be back to normal by then. Mt Olymprov being such an international festival, with over 30 countries represented, it is affected on multiple levels. There will be challenges related to flights, financial burdens, and infrastructure still being unavailable for those dates.

We want to be able to offer everyone a full experience. And from the point of view of our participants, performers and instructors, we want everyone to look forward to the festival, instead of wondering every day whether the world health situation will allow such a trip. Therefore, after lots of thinking, it is with a heavy heart that we must take the decision to announce that Mt Olymprov Festival 2020 will be cancelled.

It was not an easy decision to take, but we have no other choice!

Fear not though, as we are not gone forever. Mt Olymprov will be back in 2021, during the first week of June (1st-6th of June & island escape 8th-11th of June). Mt Olymprov 2021 will be identical to what we had scheduled for this year. We are keeping the same instructors, same workshops, same performers, same complete stellar line-up of artists we had secured for this year! We intend for no-one to miss out on nothing! A virus outbreak can only slow us down. Nothing will ever be lost!

Until then, unleash your creativity in any way you can. Support the arts that are suffering during these troubled times, attend any improv events that are taking place and suit you, and enjoy what you have available. Everything will soon be back to normal and we will all go back to what we love doing.

Stay safe, stay happy.

See you soon.

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