Us boys who go out together - Bohemian Tragedy

Meet the Mt Olymprov 2020 performers: Us boys who go out together

Prague, Academy of Performing Arts. Ever since the boys met there they walk and talk and date on stage together. Starting their freeform improv each time from zero, they pump the stage with movement, rhythms, voices, acrobatics and a severe indulgement in bad folklore singing.

What happens when a Moravian actor, Australian circus performer, Slovakian mime and Czech polyglot improv wizzkid meet? The boys who go out together are a mix of actors and performers with various backgrounds, ranging from classical drama theatre, dance, circus and physical theatre. They met during freeform improv classes at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and have been performing ever since. With the main purpose of exploring essentially total and utter free theatre improvisation without any structures ahead given, they concentrate on physicality and movement as their main form of expression. They search and keep learning our own language, consisting of dark czech humor, movement improv and an exquisitely bad taste in folklore singing.

You can see them on Friday night.

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