Pilot Project - Super Constellations

Meet the Mt Olymprov 2020 performers: Super Constellations

Tess Degenstein and Daniel Orrantia meet in 2016 at a festival in Berlin. Misteriosly and as an act of fate they will meet again in the same festival and in Athens this year. This coincidence inspired them to devise a show about travel, encounters and journeys.

This show is an exploration of travel- from the storied to the personal, they venture out, far from home, and back again. Taking inspiration from Alain de Botton’s The Art of Travel they explore the transitory spaces, adventure-seeking, hunting for the exotic and and excessive and absurd sublime. They take off, searching: for what? For some sort of connection- to people (& their ghosts), to places (& their shadows) and to the unknown nooks and crannies of themselves.

You can see them on Friday night.

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