Spotlight - SANS

Meet the Mt Olymprov 2020 performers: SANS

SANS (Stelios, Anna, Nickolas, Stavros) is an improv troupe based in the sunny city of Athens, Greece. Combining their different backgrounds in singing, physical theater, acting and dance, they create shows where anything can happen. Also, being dear friends, apart from co-players on stage, allows them to have a deep understanding of each others’ needs and intentions on stage, resulting in very interesting scenes, filled with motion, emotion and playfulness. They are working on different formats over time to expand their limits and they offer shows that guarantee to bring joy and light in the audience’s senses.

All of them loving storytelling, they create a narrative of 5 different stories based on audience suggestions for each one. Then, the narrative evolves in 5 rounds. The scenes are totally unrelated at first and after they watch a few minutes of each evolving, the audience decides which of the 5 scenes seen should be discontinued. Which scene is on the Spotlight each time? Then the 4 remaining scenes are continued, and links start to appear between these scenes. and this process goes on until they have only 2 scenes left. In the last round, these scenes come together in one final scene, triumphantly weaving the story together.

You can see them on Thursday night.

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