Meet the Mt Olymprov 2020 instructors: Estevan J. (Chuy) Zarate

Estevan J. (Chuy) Zarate is an actor/director/coach from San Antonio TX that has been improvising for audiences for 29 years. He has lived most of his life in Improv Mecca Austin TX. Chuy was one of the driving forces of improv in the early 2000s in Austin. He helped make it the viable improv comedy scene that it is today. Current and previous improv troupes include The Hideout Theatre’s house troupe: The Big Bash, ¡Zarzamora!, Merlinworks faculty troupe: The Known Wizards, An Evening With…With Tyler and Chuy feat. Tosin, duos: Typo w/Kiki Hohnen, Pizarati w/ Ellen Pizarek, ChuTopp w/ Topping Haggerty, Raw Dog: We Go For It! w/Rachel Austin, Dorsey/Zárate w/ Neil Dorsey and The Project with his son Antonio. Past mainstay Austin and SanAntonio troupes include: The Oxymorons, Your Dad’s Friends, Ray Prewitt’s 4th Grade Class, and Monk’s Night Out. He also directed and performed with sketch troupes The Latino Comedy Project and The Mexcentrics. He teaches all styles and formats being that he has a very eclectic tool belt to reach into. If there is a scenario to be performed in, he has probably performed it. With specialties in improv singing and grounded/character-driven scenework, Chuy has coached hundreds of kids, teens, students and adults for years to multiple successes. When not improvising, Chuy enjoys raising his 3 sons and being very active as a volunteer at their schools.

Take one of his workshops: Forget what you know, and From the top, Jack

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