Meet the Mt Olymprov 2019 performers: Oikogeneia

This is a team made up of eight members of Oikogeneia (Ohana), whose aim is to explore the idea of an European impro style by studying, understanding, questioning, and pushing the past and the present ideas of improvisation within the theatre and beyond.

The goal of the Ohana project is to connect young European improvisers to exchange across national boarders and languages. We believe in the power of friendship and understanding when interested, inspired, and motivated people come together in good spirit.
Their show is all about true stories. There’s always that extra spark when we talk about what really happened to us. Let’s hold on to that spark, as we take you on an experimental journey between truth and fantasy. Discover the combination of an authentic storyteller, and the playfulness of improvisation.
You can watch True Story on Wednesday night.

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