Meet the Mt Olymprov 2019 performers: Break it! – Mixer Team

From a haka to a ceilidh to the macarena, humans love both to move in unison and watch others move in unison. It binds and bonds us. As you lose yourself in the activity, it creates and nurtures a temporary community where we move together, think together and create together. It turns a collection of individuals into a team.

This show explores the rhythm of chaos and order, of individual and collective that make up organic
freeform improvisation. This team will be formed after attending a workshop taught by Jules Munns. They will create a collective instinct which frees individuals from the responsibility of thought. Scenes, movement and sound will flow easily and fluidly out of each other, creating a surreal and unstable landscape, defined and sustained by the collective awareness of the group.

You can watch this show on Saturday night.

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