Come to Athens, Greece

and join us for

Mount Olymprov – Greece’s Fourth International Improv Festival, June 4th – 8th 2019!

(Departure on the 9th)
A 5-day improv comedy theater extravaganza with some of the best instructors and top performers from all around the world.

The only thing it’s missing is YOU, and we are offering YOU more than just Improv.

Below you will find all available registration options, all workshops offered during the days of the festival, and individual show tickets. Your ticket for the post-festival island escape can also be purchased here, as well as the Improviser Starter Pack if you are not an improviser yet, but are dying to become one!

Registration begins on March 1st 2019!

Online ticketing

It’s the complete IMPROV in GREECE experience.

Take all you can get out of an improv festival (shows, workshops, events, activities, parties, wonderful people) and combine it with all you can get out of a holiday in Greece (Acropolis, tours, food&drink, a beautiful island).

Register as a visiting improviser 

and catch the pre-sale-priced package that gets you all the benefits you could wish for! A package valued at more than €400 for less than half the price!

Hurry up and register now. These are early bird prices and they last until April 15th!

But it doesn’t end there!

Join us after the festival’s closing party to an island escape. We are inviting you to visit the island of Agistri with us, one of the closest to Athens gems of the Aegean sea.


Treat yourself to an All-Improv All-Greek holiday this summer!