Menelaos Prokos

Menelaos Prokos is an improviser based in Athens, Greece. His improv brain, though, grew in Austin, TX. After that, he moved back to his hometown, where he founded ImproVIBE, the country’s first and -currently- only improv school and theater. During the years of ImproVIBE’s operation he’s been teaching day-in day-out the art of improv, taking the students from their very first improv baby steps, to advanced longform shows and everything in between. His teaching focuses on always finding the fun, while at the same time creating real relationships and truly connecting with scene partners and audience alike.

He regularly runs applied improv workshops for local businesses and multinational corporations the likes of Pfizer, Vodafone, IKEA and Nestle. Outside of Greece, he has taught/performed all over Europe, as well as Colombia and the USA. He performs regularly with his main troupe, “Bus Kai” (a narrative duo with Vasiliki Kissa), as well as with the “Bad Ideas”. A phrase that perfectly encapsulates the way he enjoys performing is one once said by Del Close: “Improv is a primarily comedic form of theater that can tear your heart out at any given moment.”.

When not swimming the improv seas, he spends most of his free time cycling, playing (as well as performing at) escape room games and cleaning up the mess his dogs make.

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