Kiki Hohnen

Kiki has taught improv for over a decade, both as an improv coach to a number of groups, and as a corporate trainer for Amsterdam’s Boom Chicago. She also uses her background as a psychologist to teach applied improv to a range of groups: people with aphasia, increasing their non-verbal communication, children with autism, as a way to help them express themselves. She has worked as a dating coach, drawing on improv exercises to help people be more playful and open in their interactions.

Kiki enjoys using psychological theory to build three dimentional characters, and gets a kick out of watching students bring these characters to life on stage. She performs with the Ferocious Four, who improvise action comedies with an all-female cast, and with Themeprov at Amsterdam’s beloved Mezrab venue. She was born in Australia, grew up there, Sri Lanka and Belgium, and has lived for most of her life in Amsterdam.