Joanne Tremarco

Joanne Tremarco has been making solo improvised shows for the past 7 years. Creating more than 300 hours of improvised shows under the title Women Who Wank. Touring in USA, UK and Europe. She makes her shows about taboos taking audiences into the unknown with lightness and depth in equal measure.

Joanne has worked with the nomadica Academy of Fools (as a trainee and now as a facilitator) for 12 years. She has become expert in the unique 7 stage form of improvisation/ Fooling taught within theis company. Her other solo show (which is only semi improvised deals with the Taboo of Death) a fool and an artist she is training to be a doula of Death and Birth.

She runs an off shoot Fool’s company with her husband Christopher Murray called FoolSize Theatre which incorporates Street Theatre. Her current research explores how the twin relationship found in the structure corresponds with the twin relationship of a lucid dreamer and how these may help in the preparation for and the process of death.