Gael Perry

Gael has been practising improv for almost 10 years in Strasbourg and he is member, co-founder and the director of La Carpe Haute. He is nowadays one of the most well-known improvisers in Europe, mostly for the physicality side of his improv.

He created many workshops (short or intensive) in French and English, using his experience on stage (national and international) and from the teachers he met (Joe Bill, Patti Styles, Will Luera, Lee White, Anders Fors, Rance Rizzutto, Matthieu Loos, Kaci Beeler, etc.). He travels all over the world performing and teaching, and found a thousand ways to improvise.

His dream was to combine it to be a multifaceted crystal of improv! Now, he tries to share around the world that way of acting, kindly and silly, emotive and crazy.

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