Andrew Hefler

Active performing artist, director, screenwriter and trainer. Performed in theatre, television, film and music since 1982. First improvised on stage in 1982. A founding member of the first theatre company (Scallabouche) to improvise in Budapest in 1990s. Trained in the field of improvisation for the theatre extensively with Keith Johnstone, Gary Austin and countless others.

An actor at the National Theatre of Hungary since 2004. Founded an improvisational theatre company (Grund), developed shows, directed traditional and improvisational theater, directed, produced and written for television (AMC, Comedy Central, HBO, RTL). Won first prize in the Hypewriter TV screenwriting competition and finished shooting the pilot as showrunner in May 2019.

Trained actors, directors, and non-artists for well over 20 years. Run workshops for improvisers at festivals and other companies in over 15 different countries. Developed and taught improvisational coursework for performing arts and a variety of curriculum at universities (Bauhaus, CEU and SzFE). Also have taught communication and creativity skills to countless professionals, and taught and coached screenwriters and directors for film and television.