Charna Halpern

Charna Halpern is the founder and Artistic Director of the iO Theater. She has been teaching performers how to work together for more than 30 years. Having founded the world […]

Gary Schwartz

Gary Schwartz is an award-winning, TV and film actor, director, comedian and a master improvisational acting coach whose 30 years as a performer and improv teacher has helped transform the […]

Lee White

Originally from Winnipeg Canada, now based in Berlin, Lee is most known for being part of the famous improv duo CRUMBS. Lee White has been performing and teaching improv (almost) […]

Nick Byrne

Nick is the Artistic Director of Improvention – Australia’s International Festival of Improvisation, as well as Impro ACT – Canberra’s original impro company and only school. He is the creator […]

Vasiliki Kissa

Vasiliki Kissa is an actress, won over by Improv Theater. After attempting to adapt to a “normal” career, studying Tourism Management in Heraklion, Crete, she returned to Athens to follow […]

Feña Ortalli

Feña began his acting career in 2001. A few years later he was part of the Professional Improv League (LPI) in Buenos Aires between 2003 and 2006. In 2006 he created […]

Menelaos Prokos

Menelaos Prokos is an improviser based in Athens, Greece. His improv brain, though, grew in Austin, TX. After that, he moved back to his hometown, where he founded ImproVIBE, the […]

Gael Perry

Gael has been practising improv for almost 10 years in Strasbourg and he is member, co-founder and the director of La Carpe Haute. He is nowadays one of the most […]

Nathan Keates

Nathan Keates is a trainer, improvisation facilitator and a performing arts teacher. Nathan also is an actor and a clown. Nathan began teaching improvisation in 2006 and quickly got teaching […]