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As Greek as it gets

This improv festival counts on giving you not just a unique Improv Comedy Theater experience, but also a highly greekified experience. Discover the art form, discover the country!

World-class Performers

We are bringing in the elite of the elite. The creme de la creme. The bon filet of improvisers. More than 20 acts will take the stage to entertain you like never before!

Top Instructors

Mt. Olymprov will host some of the best improv instructors from around the world! You will have a fascinating variety of workshops to hone and improve your skills.
Are you ready to be part of Mt Olymprov 2018?

Our Instructors

World-class instructors

World-class instructors

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This was a first-year festival that felt like it had been established for years. So well organized and such a fun group of improvisers—and needless to say, in such a beautiful place.

Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller

History Under The Influence - Austin, TX

The first ever improv festival in Athens was so well run, it was difficult to believe that this was the first one. Menelaos and Billy are amazing hosts, and they have great taste so the quality and diversity of the shows and workshops was top notch. The festival created such a positive environment for socializing and developing improv skills, I barely spent any time exploring the beautiful city of Athens, I was too busy making friends and doing improv. I can’t recommend this festival highly enough, it’s a fantastic experience top to bottom.

Kevin Gillese

Kevin Gillese

Dad's Garage - Atlanta, USA

It was the most well organized and good natured festival I’ve ever been to! Awesome improv, great improvisers and so much fun!

Itamar Karbian

Itamar Karbian

Lamabati - ISR

Mount Olymprov lives up to the inspired pun of its name – epic, playful and classic. Unforgettable.

Stayci Taylor

Stayci Taylor

The Schmaylors - AUS

What a privilege to have been present at the first ever Mount Olymprov. The whole team worked relentlessly to make it one of the best improv festivals on the map and the breadth of shows and workshops on offer was dazzling.

Heather Urquhart

Heather Urquhart

Open Your Mouth And Sing / The Maydays - UK

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